2012 Ocean Express Powerboats Inc Power Boat Prices and Values

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Ocean Express Powerboats Inc Note

For previous years information, see Ocean Express Inc. These are semi-custom made-to-order boats. After 2007, the value represented are boats with basic equipment. N/A due to limited resale activity.

Model Note

(*)Includes the value of the outboard motor(s). (**)Value does not include the engine.

(2014 - 1999)
Selling boats factory direct to customers, Ocean Express Powerboats Incorporated has operated since 1993 producing catamaran watercrafts. First known as Ocean Express Incorporated, the company accepted the name Ocean Express Powerboats Incorporated in 1999 continuing to build a diverse line of vessels for recreation, racing and even fishing. Ocean Express Powerboats Incorporated years on the market went into perfecting their product line-up in efforts to harness offshore technology allowing their boats to be powerful yet fuel efficient.