BMW i3 Models and i3 History

Creating an entire sub-brand around a new philosophy of automotive development, BMW rolled-out their first vehicle from BMW i in 2014. The BMW i3 compact hatchback was introduced to produce a meaningful impact on how luxury motoring can combine with electrified motoring. The vehicle's construction emphasizes the use of lightweight methods and materials. A carbon fiber reinforced plastic passenger cell delivers weight-savings as well as high performance in the event of a crash. The BMW i3 provided buyers with the choice of an all-electric version capable of 81 miles per charge or one equipped with a Range Extender. Generically known as a plug-in hybrid, the BMW i3 featuring the Range Extender can travel up to 150 miles thanks to a two-cylinder gasoline engine. A vehicle with an environmentalist twist, the BMW i3's cabin incorporated items such as naturally-tanned leather, seat covers made almost entirely of recycled polyester and eucalyptus wood trim sourced from certified, responsible forestry.

New and Used i3 Prices, BMW i3 Model Years and History

The all-electric i3 has entered the fray recently, giving Tesla a real run for its money by offering a signature take on the luxury hatchback.
The BMW i3 offers a well-rounded, luxury hatchback with a signature look.
The BWM i3 brings a luxurious makeover to the classic electric car, with performance enhanced speed and a signature style that will turn heads.
A radical vehicle created to inspire a new image of electrified motoring, the 2014 BMW i3 features a number of exotic features such as the widespread use of lightweight construction.