Hyundai Sedan Deals, Rebates and Incentives, November 2017

Latest 2017 Hyundai Sedan dealer incentives and deals

(Model years 2018 - 2016)
The best-selling Elantra is one of the most reliable compact sedans on the road, and comes with an industry leading bumper-to-bumper warranty.
Hyundai’s veritable Elantra GT comes with extra power and lots of standard features.
Hyundai’s best-selling Sonata sedan delivers a real value for the price, and comes with an impressive list of standard and tech features.

A host of finance, cash bonus and lease deals are applied to remaining 2016 Hyundai sedans. On the Hyundai Accent, Elantra, Sonata and Equus sedans, 0 percent financing is available. Time for financing is 60 months with the Sonata and Equus but the Accent as well as the Elantra can be financed at 0 percent for up to 72 months. Retail Bonus Cash connected to 2016 Hyundai range from $1,500 on the Sonata to $3,000 for the Equus. Other cash back deals such as a Valued Owner Coupon and Competitive Owner Coupon can be accessed through the purchase of a Hyundai sedan. In addition to dealer and manufacturer incentives for the 2016 Sonata Plug In Hybrid model, a $4,919 federal tax credit is applicable to the sedan.