Lincoln SUV Deals, Rebates and Incentives, November 2017

Latest 2017 Lincoln SUV dealer incentives and deals

(Model years 2018 - 2016)
The MKT represents Lincoln’s vision of a luxury crossover SUV. And it’s brilliant.
The stylish and elegant MKX comes with surprising amounts of features for its price tag.
Lincoln’s full-size Navigator SUV is as large as they come, and is packed with luxury features.
The extra-large Navigator L gives you a larger wheelbase and more interior storage room, but comes with the same standard and optional features as other Navigator upper trim levels.

Lincoln Motor Company featured three crossover vehicles and a truck-based sport utility vehicle as showcase to their modern luxury vision complete with high-class interiors and EcoBoost engine power. Zero percent APR financing for 60 is available on all 2016 Lincoln crossover and sport utility vehicles paired with bonus cash. Available with or without financing, the Lincoln Premium Bonus amounts to$1,000 with the MKX, $3,000 on the 2016 MKCs and 2016 Navigators while $3,500 is offered on the MKT. Until January 3rd of 2017, University of Michigan alumni can claim even better bonuses of $4,000 for 2016 MKC and Navigator models. Special lease deals are also available on the specific 2016 Lincoln crossover and sport utility vehicles.