Scion Hatchback Deals, Rebates and Incentives, November 2017

Latest 2017 Scion Hatchback dealer incentives and deals

(Model years 2016 - 2016)
The Scion iM pleases just as much on the inside as its sleek design does on the outside.

After 13 years striding to introduce a concept of fun and affordable motoring to Generation Y's first time new car buyers, the Scion brand has been shuttered by parent company Toyota. With the closure of the vehicle marque, Scion's final 2016 products are being sold in enticing fashion. Until October 3rd, up to $1,000 bonus cash is offered on the entire high-value 2016 Scion lineup. Two compact cars produced only for the 2016 model year, the Scion iA and Scion iM is available with 0 percent financing for 60 months in addition to the $1000 Bonus Cash. Financing at a 0.9 percent APR is also available for 72 months with the Scion iM or 60 months with the Scion FR-S. The 2016 FR-S sports car and its Release Series 2.0 variant will include $500 Bonus Cash. Scion's oldest and most popular production vehicle, the front-wheel drive tC sport coupe is offered with 1.9 percent APR financing coupled with a bonus cash amount of $750. While the Scion brand is being discontinued, Toyota will maintain warranties as well as service for the vehicles produced for 2016 and earlier.