2004 Yamaha SXV70ERJ Viper ER Options, Equipment, and Prices

Select 2004 Yamaha SXV70ERJ Viper ER Options

VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
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List Price
Engine Torque Limiter Kit $40
Air Intake Kit $35
Individual Ohlins(R) Front Shock $384
Ohlins(R) Center Shock $355
Ohlins(R) Rear Shock $485
Ski Handle Various Colors $23
Colored Grill Inserts Various Colors $60
Floorboard Inserts Various Colors $25
Plastic Trailing Arm Caps Various Colors $7
Steering Tie Rod End Cap $4
Ski Handle Black $20
Black Deep Saddleless Skis $80
Blue Deep Saddleless Skis $85
Red Deep Saddleless Skis $85
Roetin(TM) X-10-1 (642) Skags $40
Black Traction Brackets $52
Blue Traction Brackets $52
Blue Billet Fuel Cap $40
Silver Billet Fuel Cap $40
Aluminum Spindle Column Caps $30
Aluminum Trailing Arm Caps $25
Black Ski Bottoms $65
Blue Ski Bottoms $74
Red Ski Bottoms $74
Handlebar Cover With Flag Logo $31
Roetin(TM) X-10-2 (642) Carbide Skags $57
Roetin(TM) X-PR1 (642) Carbide Skags $63
Rear Control Rod Adjustable Nuts $50
Black Ski Bottom $65
Blue Ski Bottom $74
Red Ski Bottom $74
Blue Soft Grips $29
Sno-Slips Various Colors $52
Standard Red Saddleless Ski $85
Standard Blue Saddleless Ski $85
Snow Flap $36
Low Black Windshield $71
Low Blue With Strobe Graphic Windshield $75
Medium Clear Windshield $80
Medium Smoke Windshield $80
Clear Windshield $86
SX Viper Mirror Set $60
Tall Clear Windshield $86
Adjustable Brake Lever $26
Individual Deep-Style Hot Grip(R) Various Colors $23
Handlebar Cover With Tuning Fork Logo Various Colors $31
Shock Covers Various Colors $30
Storage Bag For Storage Cover $15
Handlebar Bag $25
Windshield Pouch $43
Deluxe Handlebar Bag $40
Deluxe Trunk Bag $70
Deluxe Tank Bag With Map Pocket $95
Blue Race Day Cover $103
Blue / Black Custom Cover $140
Blue Viper Custom Cover $138
Deluxe Sadlebag Set $120
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