2005 Yamaha RX10MK RX-1 Mountain Options, Equipment, and Prices

Select 2005 Yamaha RX10MK RX-1 Mountain Options

VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
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List Price
Engine Coolant Heater $30
Mountain Reverse Gear Kit $600
Ohlins(R) Electronic Rear Monoshock $995
Fox Float Air Shock Set $900
Black Traction Bracket $50
Soft Grips Various Colors $62
Side Panel Accent Covers Various Colors $80
Ultra Plates Various Colors $100
Floorboard Inserts Various Colors $25
Floorboard Rail Sno-Slips Various Colors $52
Carbon Fiber Side Panel Accent Covers $85
Carbon Fiber Print Exhaust Covers $70
Custom Touring Kit $130
Carbon Fiber Print Headlight Mask $60
Silver Spindle Column Plugs $30
Carbon Fiber Print A-Arm Covers $90
Blue Billet Fuel Cap $40
Silver Billet Fuel Cap $40
Sno-Grips Various Colors $60
Handlebar Ends Various Colors $41
Handlebar Hooks Various Colors and Styles $19
Black Saddleless Mountain Ski Set $190
Blue Saddleless Mountain Ski Set $200
Red Saddleless Mountain Ski Set $200
Ski Handle Various Colors $46
Black Ski Handles $40
Blue Billet Ski Handles $160
Silver Billet Ski Handles $160
Woody's(R) Dooly(TM) 4-in. Carbide Skags $98
Woody's(R) Dooly(TM) 6-in. Carbide Skags $115
Woody's(R) Dooly(TM) 8-in. Carbide Skags $154
Woody's(R) 4-in. Extender Trail II Series Warrior Skag $47
Woody's(R) 6-in. Trail Blazer IV Warrior Skag $61
Woody's(R) 8-in. Executive Series Warrior Skag $84
Low Black Windscreen $71
Low Blue With Strobes Windscreen $75
Low Black Chrome Windscreen $90
Low Smoke Windscreen $71
Medium Clear / Black Windshield $80
Medium Clear / Blue With Strobes Windshield $80
Medium Smoke Windshield $75
Extra Tall Windshield $90
RS Venture Style Mirror Set $80
Mirror Kit $75
Rear Rack Pad $30
Yamaha Thumb Warmer $30
Pop-It Whip Antenna $30
Blue / Black Mountain Custom Cover $140
Blue / Black Mountain Deluxe Cover $184
Silver / Black Mountain Custom Cover $140
Silver / Black Mountain Deluxe Cover $184
Shock Cover Various Colors $30
Deluxe Handlebar Bag $40
Windshield Pouch $35
Deluxe Rear Trunk Bag $70
Combination Sport Luggage $100
Deluxe Semi-Rigid Tank Bag $70
Blue Race Day Cover $103
Universal Spray Cover $66
Tank Bag With Map Pouch $100
Handlebar Bag $25
Deluxe Semi-Rigid Saddlebags $150
Luggage Rack $170
Skiz-N-All Cover $150
Rage Luggage Rack Mount $70
Limited Edition Matte Black $100
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