2006 Arctic Cat Bearcat 660 Turbo Options, Equipment, and Prices

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List Price
Back Country Standard Value Kit $270
Electric Start with Remote $190
Tracks in Select Sizes $790
Assorted Billet Covers and Guards $40
Arctic Cat Hand Guards $35
Acerbis Hand Guards $30
Black Simmons Flexi-Ski® Ski - Pairs $390
SLP Powder Pro Skis - Pairs $330
SLP Wearbars Available in Assorted Sizes $18
Plastic Ski Kit with 4-in. Carbides $300
Green Replacement Ski Bottoms - Pairs $190
Simmons Wearbars Available in Assorted Sizes - Set of 4 $60
Black Standard Keel Ski Kit with 4-in. Carbides $250
Black Deep Keel Ski Kit with 4-in. Carbides $250
Arctic Cat & Parabolic Ski Handles $20
Arctic Cat Saddleless Ski Handles $20
Handlebar Grips $14
SLP Ski Handles $35
Hood Screen Kits $40
Holeshot® Skid Plates $100
Recoil Handle $5
Speedrack Light Bar $140
High Clear Windshield with Black Accent $90
Low Colored Chrome Windscreen $100
Low Green Fire Windscreen $100
Left Side Hood-Mounted Mirror $20
Right Side Hood-Mounted Mirror $20
Teardrop Mirror $25
Windshield Mounted Mirrors, Pair $55
Windshield Mounted Mirrors, Single $30
Handlebar Muffs $35
Passenger Hand Warmers $100
2-Up Travel Storage Cover $35
Bearcat® Storage Cover $170
Universal Cover Storage Bag $5
Windshield Bag $50
Windshield Flair Bag $35
Dash Pockets $40
Handlebar Bag $35
Stealth Tank Bag $35
Touring Tank Bag $60
Map Holder $15
Hat Bag $16
Bearcat™ Gear Bag $180
Medium Cargo Sled 65L X 32W X 17D $140
Large Cargo Sled 74L X 38W X 17D $180
Medium Cargo Sled Cover $49
Large Cargo Sled Cover $49
Cargo Sled Runner Kits $37
Speedrack Deluxe Gun Scabbard $85
Speedrack 9-in. X 12-in. Carryall $50
Speedrack 11-in. X 17-in. Carryall $60
Speedrack Bucket Holder $40
Speedrack Gear Cradle $40
Speedrack Chainsaw Lock $90
Speedrack Adjustable Straps Available in Multiple Sizes $4
Speedrack Utility Bar $70
Billet Hand Guard Mounts $45
Hand Guard Mounts $30
Bearcat™ Speedrack $65
Speedrack Gun Scabbard Mount $85
Warn® Portable Winch Kit $490
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