2006 Kawasaki VN1500N6F Vulcan Classic Options, Equipment, and Prices

Select 2006 Kawasaki VN1500N6F Vulcan Classic Options

VINTAGE - 1949 - 1962 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Kawasaki, pricing data is still being collected.
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List Price
Studded Tank Panel $67
Wide Dresser Bars $157
Chrome Front Fender Nose Tip $73
Chrome Front Fender Tail Tip $73
Chrome Rear Fender Tail Tip $88
Chrome Front Fender Trim $107
Chrome Rear Fender Trim $150
Chrome Billet Aluminum Deluxe License Plate Holder $55
Arlen Ness™ Cast Aluminum Stepped License Plate Mount Assembly $86
Plain Tank Panel $64
Chrome License Plate Frame $38
Billet Aluminum License Plate Frame $53
Dresser Bars $151
Banjo Master Cylinder Chrome Cover $11
Arlen Ness™ Chrome Billet Aluminum Smooth Master Cylinder Cover (Clutch Side) $66
Chrome Plain Master Cylinder Cover $20
Chrome Engine Guard $180
Chrome Side Covers $210
Smooth Swing Arm Accent $24
Ball Milled Swing Arm Accent $26
Ribbed Chrome Handlebar Grips $55
Fire & Steel™ Black Driver Floorboards $100
Chrome Driver Floorboards $240
Studded Tank Panel With Pocket $91
Plain Tank Panel With Pocket $89
Basketweave Tank Panel With Pocket $88
Chrome Drive Shaft Cover $50
Billet Oil Filler Cap $35
Grooved Outer Engine Cover $490
Chrome Passenger Floorboards $295
O-Ring Chrome Passenger Footpegs $125
Basketweave Tank Panel $65
Chrome Logo Design Master Cylinder Cover $20
Arlen Ness™ Chrome Billet Aluminum Grooved Master Clutch Cylinder Cover $66
Small Chrome Headlight Visor $30
Chrome Light Bar $290
Turn Signal Visors (2 Screw Lens) $45
Light Bar Spotlight Visors $27
Tinted Adjustable Windshield $300
Windshield Lowers $85
Arlen Ness™ Chrome Big Eye Stepped Rearview Mirror $51
Left Oval Grooved Mirror $135
Right Oval Grooved Mirror $135
Left Oval Flame Mirror $140
Right Oval Flame Mirror $140
Arlen Ness™ Chrome Big Eye Grooved Rearview Mirror $51
Arlen Ness™ Stocker Chrome Stepped Rearview Mirror $51
Arlen Ness™ Stocker Chrome Grooved Rearview Mirror $51
Right Billet Aluminum Round Grooved Mirror $100
Billet Aluminum Tall Passenger Backrest $350
Passenger Backrest $270
Chrome Passenger Backrest $225
Smooth Tachometer Kit $320
Ball-Milled Tachometer Kit $330
Tachometer Kit $290
Deluxe Bike Cover $165
Ranger II Plain Chubby Leather Saddlebags $485
Studded Leather Tool Pouch $82
Wide-Body Chromed Tubular Steel Rear Rack $125
Chrome Tubular Steel Rear Rack $120
Chrome Tubular Steel Rear Solo Rack $120
Laredo Studded Chubby Leather Saddlebags $460
Ranger II Studdded Chubby Leather Saddlebags $535
Universal Econo Cruiser Cover $100
Full Dust Cover $100
Half Dust Cover $70
Vulcan® Studded Leather Tool Roll $93
Luggage Rack Bag $155
Studded Luggage Rack Bag $160
Black Studded Windshield Bag $65
Basketweave Luggage Rack Bag $165
Billet Aluminum Rear Rack $170
Hard Saddlebags $600
Plain Leather Tool Pouch $77
Black Plain Windshield Bag $64
Ranger II Studded Leather Saddlebags $430
Black Vintage Vinyl Windshield Bag $65
Alamo Plain Chubby Saddlebags $450
Ranger II Plain Leather Saddlebags $390
Alamo Plain Saddlebags $410
Alamo Studded Saddlebags $430
Alamo Studded Chubby Saddlebags $470
Alamo Basketweave Chubby Saddlebags $500
Vulcan® Plain Leather Tool Roll $88
Chrome Saddlebag Supports $100
Chrome Passenger Footpeg Mounts $127
Chrome Billet Aluminum Blind License Plate Mount Assembly $150
Chrome Billet Aluminum License Plate Angle Adapter $60
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