2007 Suzuki C50TK7 Boulevard Options, Equipment, and Prices

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VINTAGE - 1937 - 1969 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Suzuki, pricing data is still being collected.
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List Price
Chrome Plated License Plate Backing $40
Front Brake Caliper Trim $24
Driveshaft Cover $39
Lower Frame Cover $145
Billet License Plate Frames Milled $53
Billet License Plate Frames Boulevard $60
Billet License Plate Frames Plain $50
Passenger Floorboards $296
Front Fender Trim Rails $135
Master Cylinder Connector Caps $30
Engine Case Guards $110
Tire Valve Caps $10
Billet P.A.I.R. Valve Cover - Chrome, Black Inlay $90
Billet P.A.I.R. Valve Cover - Chrome $80
Tank Divider Touring Studded with Pocket $100
Chrome Fork Cap Set $60
Rear Fender Trim Rails $160
Boulevard Logo Plastic License Plate Frame $5
Boulevard Logo Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame $33
Boulevard Logo Liquid Chrome License Plate Frame $33
Tank Divider with Pocket $50
Tank Divider Studded with Pocket $55
Light Bar $300
Billet Mirror Set $210
Turn Signal Visors Set of 2 $36
Gel Leather Seat - Classic $220
Gel Leather Seat - Studded $225
Billet Rear Rack $145
Windshield Bag - Touring $76
Suzuki Boulevard Cover $119
Saddlebag Liners $50
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