1980 Kit Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Kit Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - No further information available after 1980.

(2003 - 1970)

Truck Campers

M-6 1/2-Standard





M-8 1/2-SC

M-8 1/2-SC Deluxe

M-8 1/2-SS

M-9 1/2-SC

M-9 1/2-SC Deluxe


M-10 1/2-SC

M-10 1/2-SC Deluxe


Founded in 1945, Kit Manufacturing Company grew quickly into a mobile home and recreational product builder based in Long Beach, California. While a majority of Kit sales were based on the park and mobile homes in early years, the company’s travel trailers, fifth wheel, truck campers and Class C motorhomes eventually rose to become the leading endeavor for the business. Despite remaining competitive in the recreational vehicle industry through the 1990s, Kit production concluded after the 2003 model year when they sold the company Extreme RVs.