1981 Cricket Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Cricket Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - No further information available after 1987.

(1987 - 1977)

Truck Campers

M-7 Compact

M-8 RD, SD, FD

M-8 1/2 SD XLT

M-8 1/2 SD,RD

M-9 SD

M-9 1/2 RD

M-10 SD

M-11 SD

M-11 1/2 SD, RD

Creating travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, truck campers and park models, Cricket was involved in the recreational products from the 1970s into the late 1980s. Lightweight in design and construction, the towable products built by Cricket range from 15 to 35 feet in length. First produced in 1983, the park models placed under the Cricket spans 32 to 43 feet in length. Cricket would continue making fifth wheel trailers under the Country Manor name during the late 1980s.