1981 Ideal of Idaho Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Ideal of Idaho

PARK MODELS - No further information available after 1982.

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(1982 - 1975)

Park Models

M-22 1/2 FK


M-35 Double Tipout

5th Wheel

M-34 1/2 Tri-Level

Travel Trailers

M-22 1/2 FK D

M-23 TG

M-25 TB and DB

M-29 CB

M-30 TB and DB

M-33 CB

Manufacturing travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and park models, Ideal of Idaho was derived from the long-running Ideal recreational vehicle name. From 22 to 35 feet in length, park models sold by Ideal of Idaho were joined in the company’s line-up by movable products for the company’s line-up spanning between 22.5 and 35 feet. Ideal of Idaho lasted only a few years with the company’s final products built in 1982.