1981 Nu-Wa Prices, Values and Specs

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Nu-Wa Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer manufacturing motor homes after 1986.

(2013 - 1966)




5th Wheel

Champagne Series

M-32 RLR

M-35 RLR

M-35 WTB

M-39 RLR

M-39 WTR

Hitchhiker II Series


M-23 1/2

M-25 RD

M-25 RLR

M-29 RLR

M-31 RLR

Hitchhiker Series

M-28 1/2 R Lounge

M-28 1/2 RD

M-28 1/2 RLR

M-32 BH

M-32 FLR

M-32 RLR

M-35 FLR

M-35 RLR

M-35 WTB

M-39 RLR

M-39 WTB

M-40 CB

M-40 RB

Travel Trailers

M-19 FS

M-21 1/2 FS

M-22 FS

M-23 TG

M-23 1/2 CBD

M-23 1/2 CBT

M-24 BH

M-24 FS

M-24 TG

M-25 RB

M-27 RB

M-29 CB

M-29 RB

M-31 CB

Founded in 1969 as a producer of fifth wheel trailers, Nu-Wa Industries Incorporated has also been recognized as a builder of truck campers and Class C motorhomes. Nu-Wa has netted a reputation for building quality trailers throughout its operating history. Designed for refined but affordable recreational travel, Nu-Wa fifth wheel trailers feature up to 5 slide out panels.