1986 Heritage Recreation Veh Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Heritage Recreation Veh Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - No longer in production.

(1986 - 1985)

5th Wheel

American Eagle-240

American Eagle-241

American Eagle-260

American Eagle-261

American Eagle-290

Lady Liberty-290

American Eagle-320

Lady Liberty-320

American Eagle-360

American Eagle-361

American Eagle-362

Lady Liberty-360

Lady Liberty-361

Lady Liberty-362

Lady Liberty-400

Lady Liberty-401

Lady Liberty-402

Lady Liberty-403

Lady Liberty-404

Lady Liberty-405

Heritage Recreation Vehicles operated during the 1985 and 1986 model year as initially a park model unit manufacturer. Over a two-year run, the park model products created by Heritage Recreation Vehicles ranged in lengths from 24 to 40 feet. In 1986, Heritage Recreation Vehicles also manufactured self-contained fifth wheel trailers.