1988 Austen Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Austen Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer manufacturing this model.

(1990 - 1984)



M-C-2002, 2041

M-S-2002, 2041

M-C-2311, 2321, 2331

M-C-2341, 2355

M-S-2311, 2331

M-S-2341, 2355

M-C-2601, 2641

M-C-2621, 2631


M-S-2631, 2641

Building Class C motorhomes for the first year in 1984, Austen utilized a Chevrolet chassis as the basis for the recreational vehicles. Austen motorhomes range in lengths from 18 to 26 feet equipped with the amenities necessary for comfortable campground vacationing. Austen produced their final recreational vehicles in the 1990 model year.