1990 Rockwood Camping Trailer Prices and Specs

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(2017 - 1974)

Camping Trailers

M-1461 Lite

M-1741-1761 Lite

M-1006-1040 Lite

M-1076 XL

M-2041 Lite

M-2081 Lite

M-1260-1288 XL

M-1280 XL

Founded in 1972 as a family recreation manufacturer by Arthur E. Chapman, Rockwood was first involved in building camping and travel trailers. Rockwood moved into Class A and later Class C motorhomes as the recreational vehicle maker became diverse in product offerings. Passed through several ownership structures, Rockwood was eventually acquired by Forest River recreational product group that discontinued motorhome construction. Maintained as a brand name, Rockwood is now manufacturing camping, fifth wheel and travel trailers.