1992 Overland Prices, Values and Specs

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Overland Note

MOTORHOMES - 1989 and newer were produced by Mallard Coach. No further information available.

(1992 - 1973)


Bus Series

M-361 Oshkosh

M-362 Oshkosh

M-371 P-Oshkosh Caterpillar

M-371 P-Oshkosh Cummins

M-371 P-Spartan Cummins

M-372 P-Oshkosh Caterpillar

M-372 P-Oshkosh Cummins

M-372 P-Spartan Cummins

M-373 Oshkosh

M-373 P-Oshkosh Caterpillar

M-373 P-Oshkosh Cummins

M-373 P-Spartan Cummins

M-374 P-Oshkosh Caterpillar

M-374 P-Oshkosh Cummins

M-374 P-Spartan Cummins

Classic Series

M-384 P-Oshkosh

M-384 P-Spartan

M-385 P-Oshkosh

M-385 P-Spartan

Discovery Express Series

M-31 MB-Oshkosh

M-31 MB-Oshkosh Diesel

M-33 PMB-Oshkosh

M-35 PSK-Oshkosh

M-37 PCB-Oshkosh

M-37 PFD-Oshkosh

Europa Series

M-230 Vironex

Lexington Series

M-27 SB-Chevrolet

M-27 SB-Chevrolet Diesel

M-27 SB-Oshkosh

M-27 SB-Oshkosh Diesel

M-28 IBP-Spartan

M-30 SB-Chevrolet

M-30 SB-Oshkosh

M-30 SB-Oshkosh Diesel

M-32 IBP-Spartan

M-32 SBP-Oshkosh

M-32 SBP-Spartan

Overland was involved extensively in the construction of motorhomes since the 1970s. Building Class A and Class C motorhomes, the vehicles produced by Overland were powered by gasoline and diesel powerplants. Overland also built the Westover line of travel trailers ranging from 24 to 33.5 feet until 1978. Produced under the name Mallard Coach, Overland motorhomes concluded production after the 1992 model year.