1993 Caribou Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Caribou Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - No longer producing this line after 2002.

1993 Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - 1993 prices include power jacks and AM/FM cassette.

(2002 - 1991)

Truck Campers

M-8 SC

M-9 ES

M-9 EX

M-10 FS

M-10 FX

M-10 GS

M-10 GX

M-10 HS

M-10 HX

M-11 JS

M-11 JX

M-11 KS

M-11 KX

A truck camper producer from 1991 to 2002, Caribou self-contained recreational units were created under the Fleetwood RV corporation. Caribou truck campers are suited for installation in many popular full-sized pickup trucks. No longer in production, the truck campers of Caribou were quite plentiful in the pre-used marketplace.