1995 Coronado Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Coronado Note

MOTORHOMES - Formerly Cambria. No longer manufacturing this model after 1995.

1995 Note

MOTORHOMES - 1995 prices include air conditioner, generator, color TV, VCR and stainless steel wheel simulators. Model 33L includes leveling jacks.

(1995 - 1992)


M-27R (Chevrolet)

M-27R (Ford)

M-30H (Chevrolet)

M-30H (Ford)

M-32G (Chevrolet)

M-32G (Ford)

M-33L (Chevrolet)

M-33L (Ford)

M-33M (Chevrolet)

M-33M (Ford)

A Fleetwood RV brand, Coronado was a Class A motorhome provider during the early to mid 1990s after previous operating as Cambria. Comfortable family motorhomes ideal for retirement vacationing, the products built under the Coronado brand range from 27.5 to 33.5 feet in length. Coronado motorhomes are powered by Chevrolet or Ford engines.