1998 Pace-Arrow Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Pace-Arrow

MOTORHOMES - Did not manufacture from 2011-2015

Important note for 1998

MOTORHOMES - 1998 prices include (2)color TV's, VCR, (2)air conditioners, generator, back-up camera, microwave, wheel simulators and awning.

Select a 1998 Pace-Arrow Series

(2017 - 1969)


M-30E (Chevrolet)

M-30E (Ford-460)

M-30E (Ford-6.8)

M-32G (Chevrolet)

M-32G (Ford-460)

M-32G (Ford-6.8)

M-34J (Chevrolet)

M-34J (Ford-460)

M-34J (Ford-6.8)

M-34K (Chevrolet)

M-34K (Ford-460)

M-34K (Ford-6.8)

M-34P (Chevrolet)

M-34P (Ford-460)

M-34P (Ford-6.8)

M-35U (Ford-460)

M-35U (Ford-6.8)

M-36S (Chevrolet)

M-36S (Ford-460)

M-36S (Ford-6.8)

Pace Arrow Vision Series

M-33L (Chevrolet-454)

M-33L (Ford-460)

M-33L (Ford-6.8)

M-33P (Chevrolet-454)

M-33P (Ford-460)

M-33P (Ford-6.8)

M-34C (Chevrolet-454)

M-34C (Ford-460)

M-34C (Ford-6.8)

M-35W (Chevrolet-454)

M-35W (Ford-460)

M-35W (Ford-6.8)

M-36B (Chevrolet-454)

M-36B (Ford-460)

M-36B (Ford-6.8)

M-36Z (Vortec)

M-37A (Chevrolet-454)

M-37A (Ford-460)

M-37A (Ford-6.8)

Once a popular line-up of Class A motorhomes, the Pace-Arrow name appeared in the 1960s. Pace-Arrow was acquired by Fleetwood during the 1970s and continued for years as a premier choice for family cross-country adventure for diesel-powered motorhomes. Ranging up to 38 feet in length, the Pace-Arrow brand of motorhomes were constructed until the 2010 model year.