1998 Vogue Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Vogue Note

MOTORHOMES - For information after 1998, refer to Featherlite Vogue.

(1998 - 1974)


Vogue V 38'

Vogue V 40'

Vogue V 45'

Founded in 1970s as a motorhome builder in California, Vogue was known for selling luxurious recreational vehicles. Class A gasoline and diesel powered motorhomes spanning between 24 and 45 feet in length, Vogue received worldwide acclaim for being one of the highest quality mobile vacation products in the marketplace. Vogue motorhomes were handcrafted and featured appointments such as a microwave and heated rear view mirrors. A company sold to Harvey Mitchell in 1990, Vogue was acquired by Featherlite eight years later.