1999 Casa Villa Prices, Values and Specs

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Casa Villa Note

PARK MODELS - No further information available after 2000.

(2000 - 1985)

Park Models

M-2715 Front Living Room

M-1516 FK

M-1518 F Bunk

M-1519 Front Loft

M-1523 Front Den

M-1545 Center Kitchen

M-1547 Rear Dresser Bay

M-1579 Front Living Room

M-1587 2-Bedroom

M-1599 Front Living Room L-Kitchen

M-2721 Front Living Room

M-1507 Rear Loft

M-1550 Center Loft

M-1555 Center Loft

M-1558 Double Loft

M-1559 Front Living Room Double Loft

M-1585 Front Living Room

M-1595 SK

M-2723 Front Den

M-2724 Front Bunk

M-2727 Front Panoramic

M-2737 Front Kitchen

M-2731 Front Bunk Rear Bath

M-2741 Front Living Room

M-2743 Front Den

M-2744 Front Bunks

Founded in the 1985 model year, Casa Villa specializes in the construction of park model units as well as a line-up of travel trailers. Ranging from 30 to 36 feet in length, Casa Villa travel trailers were produced until the 1991 model year. Casa Villa construction of park models from 32 to 44 feet offered space to sleep six occupants with one or two bedrooms floor plans available. Casa Villa products were finally constructed during 2000.