1999 Winnebago Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Winnebago Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - No longer producing this line after 1999.

(2017 - 1966)

Truck Campers

M-600 Mini

M-650 SB

M-700 Mini


M-800 RK

M-800 RK SB

M-800 SB

M-8550 WT

M-8550 WT SB

M-860 WT

M-860 WT SB

M-860 WT SP

M-8650 RD

M-8650 RD SB

M-8650 WS

M-8650 WS SB

M-900 WS

M-9100 RD

M-9550 SD

M-1055 SS

M-1090 RD