2000 Apache Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Apache

CAMPING TRAILERS - Did not manufacture camping trailers in 1982,1983. No longer in production after 1987.

Select a 2000 Apache Series

(2000 - 1968)

5th Wheel

Renegade RB23

Renegade BH25

Renegade RD25

Renegade RK25

Renegade RK25 Slide

Travel Trailers

Mesa 18

Renegade RB19

Renegade RBH19

Renegade RDB19

Mesa 21

Renegade RB21

Renegade RBH21

Renegade RDB21

Renegade FDB22

Renegade RK245

Renegade RK245 Slide

Renegade RBH25

Renegade FDB26

Renegade BH27.5

Renegade CB27.5

Renegade FK28.5

Truck Campers

Warrior 7.0 SB

Warrior 6.5

Warrior 7.0

Warrior 8.0 RK

Warrior 8.0 RK SB

Warrior 8.0 Special Edition

Warrior 8.0 Wardrobe

Warrior 8.0 Window

Warrior 8.0 Window SB

Chief 8.5

Chief 8.5 SB

Chief 8.55

Chief 8.65 RD

Chief 8.65 RD SB

Chief 8.65 WS

Chief 8.65 WS SB

Warrior 8.5 WT

Warrior 8.5 WT SB

Warrior 9.0 WS

Chief 9.55

Chief 10.55

Apache was founded in 1957 by Gene Vesely as a builder of pop-up camping trailers. Apache offered Class C motorhomes during the 1970s but largely remained focused on high quality, high feature vacation trailers. With the original Apache closing in 1987, an attempt was made in 1998 to revive the company. Constructing truck camper and trailers, the second incarnation of the Apache recreational vehicle business would only last until 2000.