2004 Sundowner Trailers Prices, Values and Specs

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Sundowner Trailers Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Grand Sierra models include slide-out room as standard equipment.
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(2014 - 1994)

5th Wheel

Grand Sierra Series

M-8011 720-3-Horse

M-8011 725-3-Horse

M-8011 727-3-Horse

M-8012 725-3-Horse

M-8013 720-3-Horse

M-8014 720-3-Horse

M-8014 725-3-Horse

M-8011 720-4-Horse

M-8011 725-4-Horse

M-8011 727-4-Horse

M-8016 725-3-Horse

M-8014 725-4-Horse

M-8018 720-3-Horse

M-8018 725-3-Horse

M-8018 720-4-Horse

M-8018 725-4-Horse

M-8024 725-3-Horse

M-8024 725-4-Horse

Sierra Series

M-8008 720-3-Horse

M-8008 727-3-Horse

M-8010 720-3-Horse

M-8010 727-3-Horse

M-8008 727-4-Horse

M-8012 725-3-Horse

M-8012 720-4-Horse

M-8012 727-3-Horse

M-8013 720-3-Horse

M-8013 725-3-Horse

M-8013 727-3-Horse

M-8010 727-4-Horse

M-8010 727-4-Horse

M-8014 720-3-Horse

M-8014 725-3-Horse

M-8014 727-3-Horse

M-8011 727-4-Horse

M-8015 725-3-Horse

M-8015 727-3-Horse

M-8012 720-3-Horse

M-8012 727-4-Horse

M-8016 727-3-Horse

M-8013 720-4-Horse

M-8013 725-4-Horse

M-8013 727-4-Horse

M-8017 720-3-Horse

M-8014 720-4-Horse

M-8014 725-4-Horse

M-8014 727-4-Horse

M-8018 725-3-Horse

M-8021 725-4-Horse

Signature Series

M-8016 720-3-Horse

M-8016 720-4-Horse

Sunrise Series

M-6906 727-3-Horse

M-6906 727-4-Horse

TB Series

M-6905 727-3-Horse

M-TB 5 6906 727-3-Horse

M-6908 727-3-Horse

M-TB 3 6908 720-3-Horse

M-TB 3 6908 727-3-Horse

M-TB 4 6908 727-3-Horse

M-TB 1 6905 727-4-Horse

M-TB 5 6906 727-4-Horse

M-6908 727-4-Horse

M-TB 3 6908 720-4-Horse

M-TB 3 6908 727-4-Horse

Based in the state of Oklahoma, Sundowner Trailers is focused on the construction of durable towable units for hauling horse, livestock or cargo. Living quarter options with Sundowner Trailers includes a variety of configurations with or without bathroom. Specializing in marketing a line-up of fifth wheel trailers, Sundowner Trailers also has the capacity for producing bumper hitch trailers on special order. Sundowner Trailers protect their products with a three-year ‘hitch to bumper’ warranty as well as an eight-year structural warranty.