2005 Weekend Warrior Prices, Values and Specs

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Weekend Warrior Note

MOTORHOMES - No further information available.

(2010 - 1992)

5th Wheel

M-2805 SL

M-3005 SL

M-3105 LE

M-3305 LE

M-3505 LE

M-3505 SLC

M-3705 SLC

M-3905 SLC

M-4005 CL

Travel Trailers

M-2200 FB

M-1900 FK

M-2200 FT

M-2100 FK

M-2300 FS

M-2600 FB

M-2600 FBD

M-2600 FS

M-2600 FT

M-2800 FSC

M-3000 FB

M-3000 RBD

M-3000 FS

M-3200 FSC

M-3400 FS

A Montclair, California company, and trailer and motorhome builder, Weekend Warrior entered the marketplace in 1992. Fifth wheel and travel trailers have been built by Weekend Warrior ranging up to 43 feet in length. Weekend Warrior motorhomes (first constructed in 2008) are focused on a Class C configuration powered by a diesel engine.