2006 Sun Valley Inc Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Sun Valley Inc Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - For 2000 and older Apache and Sun-Lite model information, refer to individual product listings. No further information available after 2008.

(2008 - 2001)

Truck Campers

Apache Series

Warrior 6.0 SB

Chief 6.90

Chief 6.90 SE

Warrior 6.5 CC

Warrior 6.5 SB

Warrior 7.0

Chief 8.00

Chief 8.00 SE

Warrior 8.0 RK

Warrior 8.0 RK SB

Warrior 8.0 Special Edition

Warrior 8.0 Wardrobe

Warrior 8.0 Window

Warrior 8.0 Window SB

Chief 8.50 SE

Chief 8.50 WT

Chief 8.50 WT SB

Chief 8.65 RD

Chief 8.65 RD SB

Chief 8.65 SE

Chief 8.65 WS

Chief 8.65 WS SB

Warrior 8.5 WT

Warrior 8.5 WT SB

Warrior 9.0 WS

Chief 9.55 SD

Chief 10.55 SS

Sun-Lite Series

Skyhawk SB

Eagle CC

Eagle SB


M-690 SE


Eagle RK

Eagle RK SB

Eagle SE

Eagle Wardrobe

Eagle Window

Eagle Window SB


M-800 SE

Eagle WT

Eagle WT SB

Eagle WT Sportsman

M-850 SE

M-850 WT

M-850 WT SB

M-865 RD

M-865 RD SB

M-865 SE

M-865 WS

M-865 WS SB

Eagle WS

M-955 SD

M-1055 SS

Sun Valley merged with the Apache and Sun-Lite brands in 2001 to become Sun Valley Incorporated. Constructing fifth wheel trailers and travel trailers designed with family camping in mind, Sun Valley Incorporated was also involved in the production of truck campers. Sun Valley Incorporated ended production after the 2008 model year.