2007 Silver Lite Trailers Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 2007 Silver Lite Trailers Series

(2010 - 2007)

5th Wheel

Bunkhouse Series

CD77.526.5GN 3-Horse

CD77.528.5GN 3-Horse

CD77.529.5GN 4-Horse

CD77.530GN 3-Horse

CD77.531.5GN 4-Horse

CD77.533GN 5-Horse

CD77.533GN 4-Horse

CD77.535GN 5-Horse


Patriot Series

P1S7719.5GN 3-Horse

P2S7721.5GN 3-Horse

P3S7721.5GN 3-Horse

P1S722.5GN 4-Horse

P4S7723.5GN 3-Horse

P2S7724.5GN 4-Horse

P37724.5GN 4-Horse

P4S7726.7GN 4-Horse

Roper Series

R3S7719GN 2-Horse

R4S7720.5GN 2-Horse

R3S7722GN 3-Horse

R4S7723.5GN 3-Horse

R3S7725GN 4-Horse


Spirit Series

SP77.519.3GN 2-Horse

S2P77.521.3GN 2-Horse

S3P77.522.3GN 2-Horse

SP77.522.5GN 3-Horse

S2P77.524.5GN 3-Horse

S3P77.525.5GN 3-Horse

SP77.525.7GN 4-Horse

S2P77.527.7GN 4-Horse

S3P77.528.7GN 4-Horse

Triple Crown Series

CD77.527GN 3-Horse

CD77.529GN 3-Horse

CD77.530GN 4-Horse

CD77.532GN 4-Horse

CD77.533GN 5-Horse

CD77.535GN 5-Horse

Ultra Series

UL87.527.5GN 3-Horse

UL87.530.5GN 4-Horse

Winner's Circle Series

CD77.523.5GN 3-Horse

CD77.525.5GN 3-Horse

CD77.525.5GN 3-Horse Slide

CD77.526.5GN 4-Horse

CD77.527.5GN 3-Horse

CD77.528.5GN 4-Horse

CD77.528.5GN 4-Horse Slide

CD77.530GN 5-Horse

CD77.530.5GN 4-Horse

CD77.532GN 5-Horse

CD77.532GN 5-Horse Slide

CD77.534GN 5-Horse

Manufacturing fifth wheel trailer with emphasis on hauling horses and other livestock, Silver Lite Trailers are a builder of affordable aluminum products. Ranging between 19 and 36 feet in length, the towable vehicles constructed by Silver Lite Trailers were available with slide-out sections for extra room when at rest. The company behind Silver Lite Trailers ceased existence following the 2010 model year.