2007 Tioga Motorhome Prices and Specs

Important note for 2007

MOTORHOMES - Prices include exterior entertainment center, upgraded vent, power entry step, TV/VCR/DVD, dual auxiliary batteries, spare tire/carrier, power heated mirrors, and rear vision camera.

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(2016 - 1972)


M-22B Chevrolet Vortec 300hp

M-24D Ford E350 305hp

M-24D Ford E450 305hp

M-24D Chevrolet Vortec 300hp

M-26Q Ford E450 305hp

M-26Q Chevrolet Workhorse Vortec 300hp

M-28F Ford E450 305hp

M-28F Chevrolet Workhorse Vortec 300hp

M-29V Ford E450 305hp

M-29V Chevrolet Workhorse Vortec 300hp

M-31K Ford E450 305hp

M-31W Ford E450 305hp

M-31K Chevrolet Workhorse Vortec 300hp

M-31M Ford E450 305hp

M-31W Chevrolet Workhorse Vortec 300hp

M-31M Chevrolet Workhorse Vortec 300hp

SL Series

M-30U Ford E450 305hp

M-31W Ford E450 305hp

M-31L Ford E450 305hp

A Fleetwood division of Class C motorhomes developed in the 1970s, Tioga were designed for fuel-efficient family recreational vehicle brand. Ranging from 16.5 to 33 feet in length, Tioga motorhomes have gained a reputation for offering a high attention to interior detail. Early versions of Tioga motorhomes can be found on Dodge truck platforms while Chevrolet, Ford and Mercedes-Benz have also served as the basis of recreational vehicles.