2009 Bounder Prices, Values and Specs

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(2017 - 1986)


M-32W Ford 362hp

M-32W Workhorse 340hp

M-34G Ford 362hp

M-34G Workhorse 340hp

M-35E Ford 362hp

M-35E Workhorse 340hp

M-35H Ford 362hp

M-35H Workhorse 340hp

M-35J Ford 362hp

M-35J Workhorse 340hp

M-36B Freightliner 340hp

M-36D Freightliner 340hp

M-38F Freightliner 340hp

M-38P Ford 362hp

M-38P Workhorse 340hp

M-38S Freightliner 340hp

M-38V Freightliner 340hp

A brand named from a suggestion of a journalist, Fleetwood Enterprises built the first Bounder motorhome in 1985. Between 20.5 and 40 feet in length, Bounder Class A motorhomes providing a choice of gasoline or diesel engines. The Bounder line of recreational vehicles has continued to be a popular motorhome for campers and vacationing families.