2009 Dutchmen Motorhome Prices and Specs

Important note for Dutchmen

MOTORHOMES - All models include microwave, water heater, air conditioning, awning, and generator in the prices listed.

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(2014 - 1989)


M-21RB 6.0 Liter GMT 600

M-21RB E45 V8

M-23A 6.0 Liter GMT 600

M-23A E35 V10

M-25C E45 V10

M-25C Workhorse GMT 600

M-28A 6.0 Liter GMT 600

M-28A E35 V10

M-29R E45 V10

M-29R Workhorse GMT 600

M-31F E45 V10

M-31P E45 V10

M-31P Workhorse GMT 600

Dorado Series

M-21BC E35 V8

M-21BC 6.0 Liter

M-24SA Turbo Diesel V6

M-24SB Turbo Diesel V6

M-26BE E45 V10

M-26BE Workhorse GMT 600

M-29BG E45 V10

M-29BG Workhorse GMT 600

M-31BH E45 V10

M-31BH Workhorse GMT 600

Kodiak Series

M-32B C55-19.5

M-33K C55-19.5

M-34G C55-19.5

M-34H C55-19.5

M-35B C55-19.5

A company founded in 1988, Dutchmen has provided a wide array of entry-level recreational products. Dealing exclusively with travel trailers at the beginning, Dutchmen promptly added fifth wheel models. In 1993, truck campers and motorhomes were added to the Dutchmen brand. Dutchmen would stop making truck campers after the 2001 model year and would re-establish itself as an exclusive builder of recreational trailers after the 2010 model year. Since 1991, Dutchmen have operated as a division of Thor Industries.